Meet Our Team



Our coaches are highly trained, credentialed with a depth of experience to ensure you are working with the top coaches in the world.

Michelle Payne
CEO, Executive & Leadership Coach

Michelle is a Master Certified Coach and in the top 1% of her profession in the world.



Laurie Cozart
Master Certified Coach

Laurie is a highly sought after leadership and organizational development speaker, instructor and executive coach.

Carrie DeMuth
Associate Certified Coach

Carrie brings her personal experience of transformation to a conscious leadership style while leading project teams in both the public and private sectors.

Susan Dunnaway
Associate Certified Coach

Susan is a full-on advocate and powerful resource for your personal and professional development.

Casey Field
Professional Certified Coach, ICF

Casey started his leadership development journey 17 years ago as an Airman in the United States Air Force.

Heidi Glunz
Associate Certified Coach

As a Leadership and Executive Coach, Heidi knows what it takes to build strong teams that deliver multi-discipline projects on-time and on-budget.

Eileen Goldman
Professional Certified Coach

Eileen’s background is rich in compassionate and intelligent service to individuals and communities.

Mara Hook
MBA, Professional Certified Coach

Mara is adept at providing insightful, experience-based feedback to executives who want to create an environment in which others can flourish.

Janet Mahrle
Professional Certified Coach

Janet is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and trainer, facilitator, and consultant.

Kate Motz
Functional Medicine Coach

Kate Motz is a National Board Certified Functional Medicine Coach and the founder of Integrative Wellness Advisors.

Shelly Perriard
Professional Certified Coach

Shelly brings more than 30 years’ experience as a leader and consultant in the financial services industry, where she led teams through complex mergers, reorganizations, and change initiatives.

Dr. Paolo Terni
Professional Certified Coach

Dr. Paolo Terni is a Professionally Certified Coach with the ICF and the author of the book, Coaching Leader: from human potential to business results.

Michele Tevis
Professional Certified Coach, ICF

Michele served as a senior leader at Apple for 30 years, working directly for Steve Jobs in his two stints, Tim Cook, and various other executives. All were demanding, and the work was both incredibly challenging and hugely rewarding. She juggled multiple competing priorities in a faced paced, get-it-done environment.

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