Dr. Steve McCray

Dr. Stephen McCray is a nationally recognized executive coach, author, leadership consultant, and diversity, equity, and inclusion specialist. Dr. McCray brings over thirty years of organizational leadership, administration, training, and talent development with business, education, and non-profits.

As Executive Coach and Thought Partner, Dr. McCray supports the full range of leadership, from C-Suite to emerging leaders, to navigate ever-changing organizational dynamics and steward inclusive, high-performing workspaces. “As leaders, our work is ever dynamic and nuanced. To achieve sustainable results, we must partner authentically to successfully navigate these spaces.” Centering Authentic Leadership sharpens knowledge of self and others, promotes issue clarity, cultivates mutually empowering relationships, and builds a vibrant work culture of community.

Named by Teacher Magazine as “one of the 50 best minds in education” and author of Dynamic Equity: Lead Your Team Successfully through Extraordinary Racial Change, Dr. McCray employs an on-the-ground, coaching partnership of collaborative solution-seeking, grounded in Decision Science, Win-Win Communication, and Inclusive Leadership. Other areas of specialization include building high-performing teams, establishing collaboration and inclusive processes, reciprocal communication, de-biasing policies, practices, and procedures, change leadership, conflict management, and leveraging diversity for peak performance.


His clients refer to him as “deeply insightful” and his welcoming coaching style as clear, precise, practical, and solution focused.


  • Ed.D. Educational Leadership, Loyola Marymount University
  • M. Ed. Administration and Policy Studies, University of California, Los Angeles
  • B.A. Political Science, University of California, Santa Barbara


  • Public Leadership and Decision Science, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Promoting Racial Equity in the Workplace, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Professional Coach for Work and Life, University of California, Davis
  • Human Resources Management, Association of California School Administrators
  • Superintendents Academy, Association of California School Administrators

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