Professional Coaching for Life and Work: Competency-Based Skills Training and Development

The demand for business and personal coaching continues to grow as people discover the difference an effective coach can make in work performance and personal satisfaction. In response to the demand for coach training materials, you’ll find no shortage of books and blogs on coaching models, schools, and styles. What has been hard to find—until now—is a text that focuses on the recognized basic coaching skills. Professional Coaching for Life and Work explains the nuts-and-bolts of the International Coach Federation’s eleven core competencies, the essential foundation coaches need to establish strong coach-client relationships.

In each chapter, certified coaches Michelle Payne and Carole Bennett discuss an ICF core competency and address the questions newcomers to coaching ask. You’ll find practical examples and exercises you can use to build your skills and track your development. Each chapter also includes resources that will enhance your understanding of coaching concepts.

This easy-to-read guide will help coaches on every level and from every niche—both internal and external coaches; executive, leadership, and life coaches; and teachers, trainers, and counselors who want to apply a “coach approach” to their work or personal lives.

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