Coach Training & Mentorship

Coach Approach and Servant Leadership

Today’s effective leader is a potent catalyst for change and a tireless developer of human potential. The traditional authoritarian style—power by position—is replaced by the Servant Leader model—influence by walking the talk, and most important, by valuing and fostering the ideas and abilities of team members. Today’s successful leader is a coach whose goal is not primarily personal success but team achievement by a group of people performing at their best. The most effective way of building a high-performing team is the Coach Approach.

You can learn and get certified in our Coach Approach training through our Mind2 Lead Institute, available to your organization. Please contact us Contact Us for more information.

Become a Certified Coach

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Coach and starting your own business? Would you like to become an internal coach within your organization? If so, check out the University of California at Davis Continuing and Professional Education program. Michelle Payne co-directs and teaches the Professional Coaching for Life and Work coach certification program.

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