Heidi Glunz

As a Leadership and Executive Coach, Heidi Glunz knows what it takes to build strong teams that deliver multi-discipline projects on-time and on-budget. Her ability to lead teams of project managers, engineers and technicians, while promoting effective client communications led her to successfully develop corporate-wide business strategies and to have oversight responsibility of projects valued over $50 million with teams of more than 500 people.

These projects taught Heidi that great leadership is the key to successful project execution, and that successful project execution includes team engagement and job satisfaction at all levels. For more than a decade, Heidi has been involved in training, facilitating and coaching teams of technical consultants and engineers not only in the technical and regulatory of areas of the Nuclear Power Cycle, but also providing training and coaching on the necessary soft skills such as communication, project management, proposal delivery, process development for technical teams, and teambuilding.

She is passionate about helping leaders understand, and effectively communicate their mission, vision and values to those they lead in order to achieve “unachievable” milestones.


  • Certified Practitioner of Conversational Intelligence
  • Certified Practitioner of Strengths Based Leadership and Strengths Finder
  • Certified Practitioner of Values to Wellbeing
  • Certified Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach
  • Qualified Critical Safety Engineer
  • Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute


  • MS, Nuclear Engineering, University of Utah
  • BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Utah

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