Shachi Patel

Shachi Patel is a certified coach and leadership consultant. She coaches high-functioning professionals across the globe to facilitate their leadership development and career growth. She brings her technology background, management experience, and change management expertise to her coaching practice. During her tenure at well-known technology and healthcare organizations, she led high-visibility projects to deliver innovative products and change management initiatives like transition to Agile and digitization of healthcare business processes. She provides training, coaching, and workshops on diverse professional development topics, including Strategic Planning, Time and Productivity Management, Communication, and Work-Life Integration.

For over a decade, she has served as an impact coach and mentor to the US State Dept’s Techwomen program that empowers women leaders in STEM fields from Africa, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East. She joined the State Dept’s delegations, to Uzbekistan in 2019 and to Morocco in 2023, for educational, cultural, and professional exchange programs.


  • Bachelor in environmental engineering
  • Master in software engineering
  • Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation
  • UC Davis Extension Certification Program for Professional Coaching for Life and Work
  • Project Management Professional by Project Management Institute


Shachi’s clients find her coaching approach compassionate, creative, and courageous. She coaches with compassion as she is deeply familiar with her clients’ fast-paced ambiguous work environments, leadership challenges, and the persistent need to strike a balance between work and life. She takes a creative approach to offer her clients customized pathways based on their learning methods and coaching goals. Her clients appreciate her courage to be direct and serve as an accountability partner to move them forward.

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