Eileen Goldman

For the past 20 years Eileen has coached leaders and staff in for-profit and non-profit organizations, assisting individuals and teams to make the changes necessary to feel successful and balanced. Eileen’s focus is on working with teams in transition and individuals who strive to advance their professional skill set. Eileen also serves as a mentor coach in the UC Davis Professional Coaching for Life and Work Program where she trains student coaches – building their foundational skills and confidence as they become certified coaches.

Eileen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a founder of the San Francisco Bioethics Forum, an organization that applies ethics to the field of medicine and healthcare. Eileen brings her experience as a nurse and social worker into her coach approach by offering her clients expertise, compassion, perspective, and results.

Certifications, Trainings & Leadership

  • Masters of Social Work & Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Coaching Certification, University of California, Davis
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation
  • Certified, Values 2 Well Being Program
  • Professional Mediator, Community Boards Bay Area
  • Past Chair of San Francisco Bio-Ethics Forum
  • Past Chair of S.F. Elder Abuse Prevention Consortium
  • Volunteer, The Coaching Fellowship, accessible coaching for young women leaders in social justice and social impact organizations
  • Trained Running Coach, Road Runners of America
  • Trained Marathon Runner (senior class gold medalist)

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