Eileen Goldman

Eileen Goldman’s background is rich in compassionate and intelligent service to individuals and communities. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Eileen is a founder of the San Francisco Bioethics Forum, an organization that applies ethics to the field of medicine and healthcare. She participated in a citywide consortium whose mission was the protection of the elderly. Eileen’s experiences as a nurse and social worker have given her deep understanding of the challenges inherent in caring and advocating for others.


Eileen loves working with people in the transition process, which might mean a career change, health challenges, or the death of a loved one. She says, “Life throws curve balls that sometimes knock us off balance. I help women who are feeling off course find a way to reconnect to their strength and balance, their most creative and productive self.” Eileen has coached clients from fiduciary services, writing, leadership training and development, healthcare, education, and social work.

Eileen is thrilled to be part of a choir whose mission is to comfort people at their bedside during life’s most difficult transitions. She is also an award-winning marathon runner.

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