Laurie Cozart

Laurie Cozart is a highly sought after leadership and organizational development speaker, instructor and executive coach. Laurie has developed, instructed leadership programs for UC Davis Extension and is an instructor and mentor coach for The UC Davis “Professional Coaching for Life and Work” Coach Certification Program. She is a recipient of the UC Davis “Outstanding Service Award” for “Inspiring a World of Learning”.

Laurie has developed and facilitated training programs and keynotes for major universities, Fortune 500 corporations and large national conferences, with a keen focus on using research-based neuroscience in practical application.

Laurie is also an accomplished TV and Film actor and brings that unique awareness to leadership; helping public and corporate professionals prepare for leadership, career advancement and presentations and public appearances. Laurie has appeared in over 200 National TV and Web Commercials and has been featured host on Shop NBC. Laurie has been featured in Smart Money Magazine, More Magazine and on addressing the current issues of women in leadership

Laurie is a graduate of the Neuroleadership Institute and is a graduate of Coach Training Alliance, a graduate of the Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP, and is a certified Robbins-Madanes Strategic Interventionist.  She has served on the Board of Directors of A Hand-Up Coaching, See Forward and Compassion is Fashion. Laurie is also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and a mentor coach for, The International Coach Federation (ICF).

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