Michelle Payne

Michelle is a Master Certified Coach and in the top 1% of her profession worldwide. She has been an MCC since 2005, working with hundreds of leaders throughout the years. She started her business more than 20 years ago, in 2001. Since that time, she has coached executives across the Unites States, as well as in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and Switzerland. She is a strong advocate for ethics and standards in coaching and supporting coaches as they learn and develop by being an instructor, supervisor, mentor and leader. Her strong leadership background enhances the value of every coaching engagement. Some of her accomplishments:

  • Appointed to the advisory board for the Transformative Leadership in Disruptive Times Executive Program at the University of California, Riverside.
  • Co-author of “Professional Coaching for Life and Work: Competency-Based Skills Training and Development Guide.”
  • Current co-director and faculty member since 2011 for the Coach Certificate Program at the University of California, Davis.
  • Instructor and coach for the Executive Leadership Program at the University of California, Davis, 2012-2019.
  • Coach assessor for Organizational Behavior, Coaching and Consulting Executive Education, Naveen Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas, Dallas.
  • 2015 poster award recipient, Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference, sponsored by Harvard Medical School, Institute of Coaching and McLean Hospital, Shift in Value System – Shift in Psychological Well-Being: Evidence from an Experimental Coaching Intervention on Understanding the Content and Origin of Personal Values.
  • Participating coach for a joint program of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).
  • Founder and chairman of the board for SEE Forward, a nonprofit organization that provides professional coaching to single working mothers, 2012-2019.
  • Credential assessor for the International Coaching Federation’s credentialing program, 2006-2018.
  • Nominated and elected to the board of the International Coaching Federation, 2006-2009.
  • Co-founder and chairman of the board of A Hand UP Coaching, an international nonprofit organization that arranges coaching partnerships for women in need (affiliated with Dress for Success Worldwide and sponsored by AT&T Wireless), 2000-2010.
  • Certified in Emotional Intelligence and Korn Ferry 360.


People choose me for my direct, servant-focused style. I believe in sharing what I notice, observe and hear with the full intent of helping you grow and develop. I don’t hold back and will challenge you and your perspectives to help remove blind spots and leverage strengths to attain your goals. My sole intent is to support your development, whether you are just starting your leadership journey or are already at the top of your profession.


“Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” – U.S. Navy SEALs

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