Janet Mahrle

Janet empowers start-ups, government, non-profit, public, and privately held organizations to find their best way forward. Executive and senior leaders generate invigorating insights which reveal the right problems to solve and how to be creative, innovative, and adaptive while keeping risk low and making bottom-line improvements. Her specialties are leadership development, navigating complicated and complex problems, design thinking, and transition and assimilation coaching.

Janet brings a unique blend of expertise in leadership, innovation, facilitating change, team performance, and 20+ years of personal senior leadership experience to her client engagements. Rising leaders to C-Suite executives enjoy her engaging, lighthearted, and inspirational demeanor and appreciate her desire to help them realize their personal and organizational aspirations. In her senior leadership experience, her devotion to excellence made her someone with which people wanted to work. Janet brings that same devotion to her clients.

In her senior leadership role, she led six divisions with a staff of 130+ and her teams directed events for 75 to 3,000 people.


  • MA Ed. in Organizational Learning and Effectiveness
  • Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation
  • UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education as an Executive Leadership Program coach, an instructor, and a mentor coach
  • Faculty and Virtuoso Member of Accelerated Coaching Excellence (WBECS)
  • Korn Ferry Architect 360
  • Leadership Practices Inventory 360 and Workshop Leader
  • Advanced Design Thinking by IDEO
  • Conversational IntelligenceĀ®, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory, We-Q in Action Profile, Values2WellBeing Values Assessments
  • TOP Facilitation Methods

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