Susan Dunnaway

Susan is a full-on advocate and powerful resource for your personal and professional development. She listens with laser intensity to understand who you want to become and what you want to achieve. She supports you as you examine your goals in the big-picture context of your life, as you better understand what you care about most and build on what you’re already doing right!

Susan is an experienced business writer and editor, the author of two books on entrepreneurship and ghostwriter of personal histories. An experienced interviewer, one of her most valuable services is helping clients clarify and articulate their ideas. She is highly analytical and often offers fresh perspectives to clients who are frustrated or bogged down by challenging situations.

Susan is a skilled written and oral communicator, with over twenty years experience in adult education, staff training, and public speaking. She is adept at translating clients’ concepts into clear, step-by-step training materials, workshop agendas, reports, and multi-media presentations.


BGS, Writing, Brigham Young University
AA, Technical Communication, American River College

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