Dr. Paolo Terni

Dr. Paolo Terni is a Professionally Certified Coach with the ICF (International Coach Federation) and the author of the book, Coaching Leader: from human potential to business results (Guerini Editore, 2007, Milano, Italy). He has also written many papers on the impact of current psychological research on consulting and coaching practices – his writings have been published in the book Doing Something Different: Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Practices (Edited by Thorana Nelson, 2010, Routledge, NY), in Inter-Action: the Journal of Solution-Focus in Organizations, and other Journals.

Dr. Terni has trained extensively in the US (Coach U, NLP Master Practitioner @ University of California at Santa Cruz with Robert Dilts) and is bi-lingual (English and Italian). Dr. Terni is an expert in Solution-Focused Coaching (certified by Solutionsurfers, Basel, Switzerland) and in Evidence-Based practices related to Leadership development and Behavior Modification (such as stress management and conflict resolution).

Dr. Terni frequently leads Assessment Centers for developing managers’ strengths and he is qualified to use a wide variety of assessment tools, all development-oriented (such as MRG’s LEA). Dr. Terni has worked for Festo CTE, Right Management Consultants, Learningedge, Armonia and other consulting firms in Change Management, Organization Development and People Development programs; the following corporations have been among the clients: Sanpellegrino, HP, Microsoft, Trenitalia, ZF, Molmed, Crif, Bayer, Burgo.

Dr. Terni holds a degree in philosophy, with a Master’s in Work Psychology. Dr. Terni is very active in the international Solution-Focused community (SOL). Passionate about developing tomorrow’s industry leaders, he holds Solution-Focused Coach Training in the US. Based in Sacramento, California, Paolo Terni works in North America and Europe.

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